pavarnathyParvathy’s life journey began in Zagreb, Croatia (former Yugoslavia), where she was born and raised in a communist-atheist environment. Her interests were school and friends, just like any average teenage girl.

Without any special interest or focus about spirituality or meditation, at the age of 18, her life changed forever. That year, as she was finishing high school and preparing for a career in law and social work, Parvathy met Babaji, a unique, true spiritual teacher, who initiated her into ancient teachings of Kriya yoga. The channel for receiving spiritual messages opened within her. Her perception for spiritual signs was cleared, followed by the inner voice and visions, the voice of the Heavenly Father, God, the Creator.
After receiving the first message on St. Valentine’s Day in 1994, her communication with the Heavenly Father has never ceased. A few months later, God told Parvathy to prepare to receive another important message. At that time she had an ordinary job, working for American Express. She took a leave of absence and postponed her minor gynecological surgery.
On September 4th, two days after her 22nd birthday, she began to receive the Heavenly Father’s words. After conducting His words for seven days and seven nights, the message was completed. Consequently, her gynecologist delivered good news: the ovarian cyst disappeared. Once again, the Heavenly Father’s miraculous blessing was brought forth.

In 1997, following God’s instructions, she traveled to the United States. In an effort to publish His words, Maitreya Publishing Foundation was formed, and the book "Heavenly Father Speaks – Second Arrival" (now available as a third addition: Luminous World: Our Inner State, the Present and the Future of our Planet and the Universe) became available to the world.
In May 2001, a similar phenomenon occurred. During a stay in Hawaii, Parvathy received God’s message again for seven days. These words were published as the second book, Luminous Journey, Luminous Way: The Origin of Human Beings and The Process of Our Return.

Parvathy communicates directly to the Heavenly Father. His messages are clear and direct. They are universal, not attached to any particular religion or race. Her example is an inspiration; it proves that a dialogue and a vivid communication with the Heavenly Father is possible and available to everyone.
Parvathy is now an at-home working mother, and her communication with the Heavenly Father is still strong and on-going …